Dedication Party Photos

October 13, 2006

The monument

west side

east side

garden wall

celebration cake

The Melrose hosted the party

John McGill & Donna Fishel,
The Legacy of Love

Dean Carter & Erv Siemoneit, Walgreens

Kiel, Barbara, & Erv Siemoneit, & Jud Romans

Veletta Lill & Kathy Jack

Greg Gunter & Richard Allen check the plaques

Paul & Linda White

Pittman Haymore, RJ Muszynski, & Peter Fisher

Jon Bonsignore, Jo West, & Jeff Wright

Scott Rayenpers & Bruce Horton

Dale Robinson & John Humphrey

Bob Hopkins, Alan Keith, & Bob Whisnant

Frank Stich, Rhonda & Nick McClune

Ed Oakley & Michael Milliken

Mark Shekter, Lori Masters, & Ed Oakley

Tim Furtenberry, David Griffen, Clay Thornton

Roger, Judy, Dean, & Nicole Carter

Michael Dougman & Jill Pentrack

Eric Johnson & Bob Holcomb

George Haris & Jack Evans

Monica Greene, Paul Lokey, Liz Minyard-Lokey

Pauline Medrano, Herschel Weisfeld, & Alexi Griffin

Andy Kivilaan, Ed Amerson, & Jay Oppenheimer

Ed Oakley & his parents

Scott Barretto, Angela Betasso, & Travis Coker

Tim Salladay & Rob

Laurie Foley & Linda Moore

Howard & Nancy Weinberger, Chad Whyrick, & Mark Shekter

Winston & Charlotte Rhea

Trio from the Lone Star Wind Orchestra

Cinthia Skidmore, The Melrose Hotel welcomes everyone to the party

Cinthia introduces Michael Milliken, President of OLC

Michael talks about the Oak Lawn Committee

Explains its mission and how it expanded to include the monument

Michael introduces Dean Carter who chaired the monument committee

Dean explains how the idea got started

And the steps before the construction

He recognized the major sponsors

And thanked all who contributed

And noted the great efforts by the members of the OLC

the party continued

the party continued

the party continued

the party continued

the party continued

the party continued

the party continued

the party continued

The attendees moved outside the Melrose for the dedication ceremony

The steps were a good vantage point

The Lone Star Wind Orchestra performed

Former City Councilperson Veletta Lill was the MC

The monument with the Centrum Building in the background

Mike House,
Oak Lawn United Methodist Church Senior Pastor

Veletta introduced Dean Carter

Dean Carter talked about process to create the monument

Dean explained how the community came together to help build the monument

Dean introduced the architect, Cheryl Baez

President Michael Milliken explained the role of the OLC

Michael Milliken recognized the OLC members' contributions

OLC's Frank Stich who supervised the construction

Frank spent many hours working with Henneberger Construction to build the monument

He identified the many in-kind contributions from companies, including Daniel Steel Inc.and WieDaMark Lighting

Mark Stori was in charge of fund raising

Mark presented portraits of the monument to the Cornerstone Partners

Cornerstone Partner:

Cornerstone Partner:
Ben E. Keith Company

Cornerstone Partner:
Caven Enterprises, Inc.

Mark thanked the many other contributors

Mark introduced our Monument Partner, The Legacy of Love Foundation

Donna Fishel, Founder of the Legacy of Love Foundation

Donna explained her organization and their partnership on the monument

District 14 City Councilperson Angela Hunt

Angela praised the OLC for building the monument

Angela read a proclamation from the City for the monument

Angela Hunt and Veletta Lill, District 14 Present and Past

Together, they lit the monument

The lighting ceremony started with the rings at the top

The full lighting of the Legacy of Love Monument at the Oak Lawn Triangle